Acepora, the power brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, is reborn.


We deliver the news of Taekwang Industrial/Daehan Synthetic Fiber.
First launch of Taekwang Industrial’s summer spandex product on home shopping

Taekwang Industrial, a textile and petrochemical affiliate of Taekwang Group,

announced on the 1st that it would launch three summer fashion products made of spandex brand 'ELAFIT',

a representative synthetic fiber, through a home shopping broadcast of 'ShoppingnT', a data home shopping service.

ELAFIT has excellent elasticity and elasticity, so it can be applied to fabrics for various purposes. ELAFIT of Taekwang Industry, which succeeded in commercial production of spandex for the first time in Korea, reflects 40 years of spandex manufacturing technology. It is mainly used for underwear, swimwear, ski wear, mountaineering clothes, and yoga clothes that require comfortable wear and excellent recovery.

Taekwang Industrial and Daehan syntheticl Fiber opened the homepage of the integrated textile brand ‘Acepora’
Taekwang Industrial's CEO Participates in Anti-Drug Campaign 'No Exit'