Acepora, the power brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, is reborn.


ACEPORA is an integrated textile brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber. It is a new brand that renewed ACELAN.
Taekwang Industrial is the only company in Korea that produces chemical fibers, spinning yarns and fabrics.
It is an advanced material company that has achieved vertical/horizontal integration of textile and petrochemical products
Daehan Synthetic Fiber's polyester is marked by its subtle luster, vivid color,
and various functions (flexibility, cool feeling, sweat-absorbent quick-drying) as its strong points.
Polyester is widely used for clothing, such as shirts, dresses and outdoor wear,
as well as for industrial purposes, such as car seats, filters, blinds and curtains.
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Yarn with a subtle luster
Latent crimped yarn with excellent rebound elasticity
Yarn with Thick&Thin effect
Yarn with cool feeling and UV blocking functions
Yarn with excellent dyeing fastness
Yarn with melange effect
Yarn with thermal insulation and lightweight functions
Eco-friendly material that enables yarns to bond together
Four-season multi-functional yarn