Acepora, the power brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, is reborn.


ACEPORA is an integrated textile brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber. It is a new brand that renewed ACELAN.
Taekwang Industrial is the only company in Korea that produces chemical fibers, spinning yarns and fabrics.
It is an advanced material company that has achieved vertical/horizontal integration of textile and petrochemical products
Spandex is mainly used for underwear and sportswear such as swimsuits,
skiwear, mountain-climbing clothes and yoga leggings.
Elafit spandex can be dyed at high temperature and heat treated,
and still maintains its high elasticity after processing.
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Various types of fabrics with high heat resistance and anti-chlorine properties
The fit of products thanks to their shape stability and excellent resilience
Most widely used for high strength and high elongation
Possibility of high-temperature dyeing thanks to its excellent heat resistance
We have 40 years of spandex manufacturing know-how.