Acepora, the power brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, is reborn.


ACEPORA is an integrated textile brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber. It is a new brand that renewed ACELAN.
Taekwang Industrial is the only company in Korea that produces chemical fibers, spinning yarns and fabrics.
It is an advanced material company that has achieved vertical/horizontal integration of textile and petrochemical products
With its nylon yarn, Taekwang Industrial is maintaining its status as a leading company
of the nylon market through endless improvements in quality and product development.
It is producing high quality, high functionality nylon yarn appropriate for outdoor,
sports and innerwear clothing with the latest equipment and is also focusing on developing eco-friendly products.
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Cool feeling/sweat-absorbent quick-drying, UV blocking, and see-through prevention
Subtle luster, sweat-absorbent quick-drying
Natural melange effect
Windproof and lightweight functions
Lightweight and thermal insulation functions
Its high-strength function that is 1.4 times stronger as compared to that of the existing nylon
Excellent flexibility