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Taekwang Industrial's CEO Participates in Anti-Drug Campaign 'No Exit'

Taekwang Industrial announced on the 30th that CEO Seong Hoi Yong has participated in the 'No Exit' anti-drug campaign.

The 'No Exit' campaign, jointly organized by the Korean National Police Agency and the Korea Drug Eradication Headquarters, aims to raise awareness about drug addiction and prevent drug-related crimes nationwide. It involves participants sharing certified photos with the representative image of an exit-less maze and nominating others to continue spreading the message. Seong was recommended for participation by Lee Woo-jin, Chairman of the Taekwang Group's Ilju Academic Cultural Foundation, last week.

Seong participated in the campaign with employees at Taekwang Industrial's headquarters in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, aiming to educate about the risks of drug addiction and reinforce vigilance.

He stated, "We plan to implement company-wide prevention education and promotion to protect our society and youth from drugs," adding, "We will strive to contribute to creating a healthy and safe society for everyone."

Since assuming the position of CEO of Taekwang Industrial earlier this year, Seong has actively engaged in various communications with employees. This includes initiating an ESG management slogan ceremony within the company, launching the 8th Junior Board of Taekwang Industrial, and participating in the 'No Exit' anti-drug campaign, demonstrating his commitment to effective communication and leadership.

성회용 태광산업 대표이사(사진 가운데)가 직원들과 마약근절 캠페인 ‘노 엑시트(NO EXIT)’에 동참해 기념촬영을 하고 있다. (사진. 태광산업)

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