Acepora, the power brand of Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, is reborn.


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Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber have launched their ultra-fine fiber product 'ACEFINE'

Taekwang Group's subsidiaries in the textile and petrochemical sectors, Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber, announced on the 13th the launch of their ultra-fine fiber yarn product 'ACEFINE'. Ultra-fine fibers are high-value products suitable for various applications including automotive interiors.

According to Taekwang Industrial, 'ACEFINE' is a product with filament thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.2 denier per filament (dpf), which is 1/100th the thickness of human hair. It is noted for its robustness and excellent pollution prevention capabilities. Particularly suitable for areas requiring durability such as headliners, dashboards, and car seat fabrics in premium vehicles, it also offers environmental advantages by potentially replacing synthetic leather.

Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber plan to expand the application of 'ACEFINE' beyond automotive interiors into areas such as cleaner products, interiors, golf gloves, and women's blouses. They are also actively developing ultra-fine fiber products using recycled materials. Having pioneered the production of spandex and polyester domestically for the first time in Korea, Taekwang Industrial and Daehan Synthetic Fiber aim to broaden their presence in the ultra-fine fiber market with the launch of 'ACEFINE'.

'ACEFINE' marks the first product launch since Oh Yong-geun took office as the CEO of Daehan Synthetic Fiber. Known for his strong leadership in the textile industry, Oh formed a new product development task force (TF) immediately after assuming office in December last year, focusing on exploring new opportunities centered around high-performance and eco-friendly materials involving key personnel from headquarters, factories, and research centers.

A spokesperson from Taekwang Industrial stated, "ACEFINE is a product that combines outstanding functionality with market competitiveness," adding, "We plan to continue driving forward with diverse new business developments and product launches in the future."

태광산업·대한화섬이 출시한 차량 내장재용 초극세사 제품인 ‘에이스파인(ACEFINE)’ 로고. /이미지=태광그룹

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